RuffRiders’ primary mission is the transport of at-risk dogs in kill shelters across the Western U.S. to no-kill shelters and rescues in Northern Nevada. Up to this point, transports have been completed utilizing rental vans and SUVs, limiting the space available for animals per trip and extending the timeframe in which a rescue can be initiated. Additionally, the rental costs for these vehicles take away from monies that can be better utilized in other areas of the organization. Due to insurance restrictions for rental vehicles, RuffRiders President, Kristian Meyer is the only member of the organization who can perform transports, additionally limiting when rescue transport can be initiated.


Under the Transport Fleet Program, RuffRiders will purchase two permanent cargo vans, outfitted with kennels to accommodate up to 20 animals per transport. With a vehicle owned and operated by RuffRiders, insurance will be purchased allowing volunteers to be dispatched to perform rescue transports at any given moment.


Funds from this program will additionally cover the gas, lodging, expenses, and reimbursements needed to maintain regular rescue transports throughout the year. Moving forward, RuffRiders is looking to increase its fleet of owned vehicles and retain a large dossier of transport volunteers.

Program Expenses:

  • Pre-Owned RAM Promaster Cargo Vans x2 ($25,000 & $32,000)

  • Van Kennel Upfit ($3,298 & $8,844) via Wayfarer Vans

    • Hardware

    • Labor

  • Vehicle Insurance ($3,000 annually)

  • Transport Expenses (Varied)

    • Gas

    • Lodging

    • Food

    • Volunteer Reimbursement

  • Volunteer Recruitment (Varied)


Program Success Measurement:

The success of the Transport Fleet Program will be measured based on the number of animals rescued and transported among RuffRiders’ various rescue and shelter partners.

Corporate Donors:

Businesses willing to donate to this program in the amount of $5,000 or more are eligible to receive logo'd branding on at least two sides of the vehicle wrap for each van. Logo size and placement preference is determined by donation amount.