Our Story

This is Tahoe. He's not only our mascot, but he's also our inspiration!

Tahoe was discovered abandoned as a puppy with his mom and seven brothers and sisters at the Carson River Basin, an area known for breeding dogs for dog-fighting. His mom was emaciated, giving everything she could to keep her pups alive.  Luckily, they were brought into a local no-kill shelter and taken into foster care by friends who reached out to us. All of the dogs, including Tahoe's mom were quickly adopted into loving, nurturing homes.


This heartbreaking story is just one of many across the Western U.S., and we decided to make it our mission to give as many dogs a second chance at life as we could. But we obviously couldn't adopt them all, so how?...


After hearing an inspiring news piece about a retired pilot who was flying kill shelter dogs from the South to the East Coast, the lightbulb lit up! RuffRiders founder, Kristian Meyer, was already making monthly drives between Southern California and Northern Nevada. With this, he could now rescue dogs scheduled for euthanasia in California kill shelters and transport them to one of the many humane, no-kill shelters back home.