While RuffRider’s primary mission to transport dogs from overcrowded shelters to underserved areas goes a long way to help with population control, it would go further with the implementation of a comprehensive school education program. School-aged children are the primary drivers of pet adoptions, and an educated child will help their parents make a more informed adoption decision.


There are a number of education programs that exist; however, many only tackle one aspect of the categories we’re looking to cover. This program is being designed to educate children in the following topics:

  • The Proper Way to Approach a Dog in Public

  • Rescue vs. Puppy Store / Craigslist

  • Population Control: Spay & Neuter

  • Breed-Specific Facts vs Myths

  • Understanding Dog Ownership


This program will utilize a fun, animated presentation, take-home gifts, and digital gamification to allow the students to retain the information they learned. Additionally, we will provide information for the parents and give them a forum to ask questions.


Beyond the immediate Northern Nevada region that RuffRiders serves, this program is designed to be franchised to areas across the U.S. that have similar education needs. Outside rescue organizations would be provided the curriculum at no cost to them, and they’d only be responsible for the purchase of branded collateral and take-home gifts.

Program Expenses:

  • Curriculum Creation

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Branded Gifts

  • Game & Test Creation

  • User Support


Program Success Measurement:

The RuffRiders School Education Program is poised to provide meaningful change in areas affected by overpopulation. Success will be measured in a variety of ways:

  • Monitoring of significant decreases in euthanasia rates in educated areas

  • Log-ins and completion of game and test application

  • Program franchise requests from outside Northern Nevada

Corporate Donors:

Businesses willing to donate to this program in the amount of $2,500 or more are eligible to receive logo'd branding with a website link on the education program mobile application.